Introducing the Civic Commons App

Here, we get to know each other, despite our differences.

The commons are the public spaces in a multicultural democracy that we create when we learn to get to know others & to solve problems for a better society that works for all of us, right where we are.

The Civic Commons Experience

We welcome all organizations that are open to the sharing of ideas, hearing perspectives that are different from their own, and committed to civic advancement for the good of all.

Participating organizations include:

  • Associations & clubs
  • Companies
  • Nonprofits
  • Nonpartisan civic organizations
  • School districts & educational institutions
  • Political organizations
  • Religious organizations

Each organization invites their audiences to participate in the Commons and provides access to the online app where activities occur.

Individual members work in pairs, triads, or quads through six specific, structured levels of engagement. Progress through the levels is achieved together, offering an opportunity to deepen understanding and connection.


Meet & Greet


It's Just Lunch


Out & About


The Book Journey


Getting to Know You


In the Mix

How to Participate

As an Organization...

If you are an ORGANIZATION that serves an audience that would benefit from participation in the Civic Commons... we invite you to build common ground and bridge cultural divides by becoming a member.

The joining process begins with an application.

As an Individual...

If you are an INDIVIDUAL that is part of a Member Organization... you will receive signup instructions from your organization.

Aware of an organization that isn't yet involved? Let us know so that we can share how the program works and how to get started!

Get Listed as a Community Resource

As a complement to our Civic Commons experience, we provide a space for organizations to list their service offerings that serve the community.

Your participating in "Community Offerings" is free for 60 days. To continue beyond the trial period, you will need to be a paid member of the app.

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